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Assured Shorthold Tenancies

A. Section 21 Housing Act 1988:
- Why landlords (and even some letting agents) get it so badly wrong;
- Advice on;
- Deposit not registered? How best to proceed?;
- Drafting and serving s.21 Notices;
- Tenants’ new rights to resist possession (Deregulation Act 2015): How to keep on the right side of the law;
- Obtaining possession;

B. Section 8 Housing Act 1998: Possession on the ground of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour etc:
- How to make sure you obtain an order for possession, rent arrears and costs;
- Drafting and serving s.8 Notices, Top Tips;
- Issuing proceedings;
- Representing client at possession hearing;
- Obtaining possession order;
- Instructing Bailiff if necessary